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600 Tons of White Bedford Limestone

10,000 sqft natural stone facade

$ 75,000 + Shipping & Handling

Ready to Ship for Adaptive ReUse


10,000 BF ... First Growth Longleaf Heart Pine


A White Limestone Church is available for Pennies.

Magnificent -1904 Church



First Baptist Church of Middletown, Ohio






Ready for Reconstruction

$  75,000 + Shipping & Handling


ResErections has a complete historic 1904 White Bedford Limestone church available for immediate delivery anywhere in the USA.  Damaged by a fire and abandoned,  ResErections was employed to disassemble it, recovering the stone shell while saving Middletown, Ohio $ 100,000 in demolition costs.  ResErections has already been paid for the work of disassembly, so the price above is a huge bargain.


ResErections, Inc. specializes in documenting, marketing and disassembling architecturally unique and historic stone structures that can be reconstructed on sites where the investment results in the creation of new real estate wealth.  We save magnificent endangered historic buildings from demolition.


First, the church was laser scanned by 3D Engineering Solutions of Cincinnati.   Recent developments in Laser Imaging and Measurement and AutoCad and BIM - (building information modeling) architectural software has made the complex task of disassembly, relocation, and accurate reconstruction of buildings practical. 


The hardest part of the job of saving this church is already done.  Disassembly took 7 months.  All of the stone is packed in pallets and stored in a warehouse.  There is 30 Gigabytes of laser scan data and 5000 photographs stored online with Google that allow precise reconstruction of the building.  It will take about 25 flatbed truckloads to move the 600 tons and 10,000 sqft of fine limestone facade to its destination, requiring 15,000 sqft of warehouse space.  It is ready to ship now.


We also have 10,000 board feet of First Growth Longleaf Heart Pine.  Architect selected of superior quality.  


The original stained glass windows are available from BeauVerre -Riordan, experts in conservation and restoration of historic stained glass in a separate negotiation.


Main window ...  "Queen of the Angels" by William Bouguereau (1825-1905)



9 sanctuary windows





This church was constructed of the finest materials of the age.  The building is pure white Bedford Salem Limestone, laid in a rock faced random ashlar pattern. The stone on the top left shows the soot of the fire.  A mild chemical wash cleans the stone, returning it to a pure white. Arches, window walls and capstones are finished limestone  There are four arched doorways, nine major stained windows, and several pillars.  There is 10,000 sqft of natural stone totaling over 600 tons.





Peak Stone ... 3,173 lbs                                                       Keystone of Entry Archway


ResErections Does Not Reconstruct.  Established construction and engineering firms employed by the buyer provide professional expertise in reconstruction.  The buyer's Architect and Construction Contractors control all activities at the TO-BE site. 




Gregory P. Luth, Ph.D., S.E., SECB ... GPLA Structural Engineers & Builders.  "Reserections saves 19th and early 20th century stone mansions using modern laser scanning and BIM technologies to facilitate deconstruction and reconstruction, moving these magnificent edifices out of now-decrepit surroundings to sites where their grandeur is an asset. 


ResErections utilizes creative destruction to save some of our doomed historical architectural heritage, fostering a rebirth of craftsmanship and mobilizing demand to create a new market.  If one were to design one of these houses from scratch, the wonderful stone would be unavailable or cost prohibitive.

With HD BIM process, combined with laser scanning, deconstruction and logistics, these structures can be rebuilt anywhere in the country , including high seismic areas.  Technologies such as base isolation and fused shock absorbers make these virtually earthquake proof, able to survive multiple great earthquakes with minor structural damage.

But, that isn't the best part ... Using modern gravity structures, the inerior bearing wall and wood floors can be replaced with long spans that enable modern open floor plans inside the classic stone facade."






Constructed of white Bedford Limestone, the finest stone building material, the stones are randomly shaped and laid in random ashlar pattern.  To achieve the desired precision, the building was photographed and laser scanned by 3D Engineering, providing accurate dimensions to within 1/7 inch.  The white balls in the entrance allow alignment of laser images.




Disassembly required heavy equipment to handle the stones, ranging from 50 to 2,500 pounds each.








On the wall                                                                  In the pallet box   





















Recovering the columns from the pulpit stage - No problems .. No Damage


Finally, we demolished the remainder of the building and reclaimed the site. 







        Day 1                                             7 Months Later



We completed disassembly of the church, recycled metal and brick, landfilled the debris, filled the excavation with earth, planted grass, and turned the site into a small park that will benefit Middletown's historic district.


Several Videos & Pages of Church disassembly

Make this place your Home  -  Project Startup 

Daily Work - Disassembling the church

FlyThrough -  Laser Scan by 3D Engineering Solutions

Production - - Summer - Original Web Page

                                 Fall - Original Web Page

                   Winter - Original Web Page

Principal Suppliers &Vendors:    Click image to visit their sites.


         Laser Scanning 



      Stained Glass Preservation 


        Economic Development




Architect renderings of church campus 





A sketch of church dimensions ... the sanctuary, bell tower, and offices.  Not shown to the left of the sketch was a large gymnasium with office space, kitchens, dining room, etc. destroyed by the fire.  the entire outside of the building was white limestone. 


Surface of stone ...  Sanctuary  4,670 sqft,  Bell Tower  3,600 sqft   North Walls  1,650 sqft  = 10,000 sqft

Weight ... estimated @ avg 9" thick ... 7740 cuft ...  180 lbs/cf  ... =  670 tons.


ResErections has several other American Castles for relocation  -  click the image to view.





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