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 We have four authentic Colonial frame houses ... a large 1684, a family house from 1688, and a large 1755 - 1777 home for sale.  All are packed in trailers - ready to ship.  All are located in Connecticut.  Prices range from $ 60,000 to $ 250,000 ... + shipping.  A University of Connecticut study establishes the 1688 and 1755-1777 house dates.


These remarkable structures represent key historic periods of pre-revolution Colonial America. The 1684 and 1688 houses are over 330 years old and are the oldest disassembled houses in the Americas.  They were disassembled by craftsmen for reconstruction by the University of Connecticut.  These are wood frame houses that have been professionally documented, disassembled, packed in semi-trailers, and are ready to be shipped USA. 


Click on either of the below images for details.


1688 Colonial

Crippen Hurd House ... built in 1688 in Moodys, Ct ... 1,200 square feet  ...  $ 60,000


!755 Colonial

Henshaw House ... 1755  from  Middletown, Ct ... 1,400 square feet.  ...  $  70,000


1777 Colonial   

Boardman Danforth House ... 1777 from Middletown, Ct ... 3,325 square feet  ...  $ 180,000


Cornwell House 1684

Cornwell House ... Portland, Ct ... 1684 ... 1,600 sqft ... $ 192,500

The 1684 house is standing with the frame and many components restored.  It is in Stonington, CT. and available for appointments to walk through.




We have several Gilded Age mansions for private sale and relocation.  Two Romanesque, a Victorian, a Queen Anne, a Georgian Revival, an English Tudor, and 4 pre-revolution Colonials.   Click images for details.





And 'Elsinaes' a Wonderful Atlantic Ocean Beachfront Garden House



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HOMERomanesque IStoneHavenVictorianRomanesque IVColonialBeaux ArtsAmerican FolkCotswoldReConstructionKemperChurchesQuestionsTerms of SaleDemolished




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