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Majestic 1909 Tudor Revival immaculate historic limestone mansion


StoneHaven     1909 Tudor       $ 2,250,000

8 Bedrooms | 7 Bathrooms | 7,284 sqft

Grand foyer entrance, formal dining room, ornate inlaid woodwork, original lighting fixtures, Italian fabric tapestry walls, Tiffany inspired stained glass windows, Italian green glazed pantile gambrel roof.

StoneHaven Video


ResErections, Inc. specializes in documenting, marketing, and disassembling architecturally unique 19th century stone mansions that can be reconstructed on sites where the investment results in the creation of new real estate wealth.  Buyers save an endangered magnificent mansion from demolition and create a marvelous new modern residence.
























Recent developments in Laser Imaging and Measurement and AutoCad and BIM - (building information modeling) architectural software and RFID item tagging (radio frequency identification) has made the difficult task of disassembly, relocation, and accurate reconstruction of buildings practical.  We know how to keep track of the thousands of pieces in a fashion that allows their restoration in their original position with precision, and how to remove, package, transport, and deliver each at the time reinstalled.


ResErections collaborates with local architects and tradesmen at both the source and destination of the buildings. We do not rebuild because we have no control over what the new owner and architect want to do. We build the supply chain between the seller and the buyer of reputable professional firms. We document the structure, supervise on-site work standards, and package and ship the recovered components. We are experts in material handling and logistics. We recover everything that will not crumble when touched.


We are only interested in completely moving majestic buildings.  Buildings whose value will increase 10-20 times by relocation to suitable vibrant communities.  We create a great deal for the buyers, the sellers, the doers, and the public, turning American wealth into Americans at work.




Completed Disassembly and Shipping ... ResErected !!


The 1885 Kemper Queen Anne has been reconstructed near Austin.  The 1904 Church has been disassembled and is available to be moved now.  Reconstruction of the 1830 American Folk was completed in Fall, 2018.



      In Ohio                                              Rebuilt In Texas



                In Ohio                                                $ 75,000 - Ready To Ship Now       



               In Ohio - 1830                                                  Moved 100 miles & ResErected                   






Recent developments in Laser Imaging and Measurement and AutoCad and BIM - (building information modeling) architectural software and RFID item tagging (radio frequency identification) has made the difficult task of disassembly, relocation, and accurate reconstruction of buildings practical.


Relocating each of these houses will create 30 man years of American employment at the origin site, in the supply chain, and redesign and reconstruction.


Moving these houses is expensive, involving several professions and crafts.  Reserections manages the entire process of disassembling and shipping these architecturally valuable residences and employs a wide range of experienced contractors and other experts to document, disassemble, and transport them.


Purchaser is responsible for design and construction activities after delivery of the house components to the destination. It is recommended that the purchaser engage the services of a local architect and construction firm to reconstruct the house. There will be substantial work for the buyer's architects at both the current location and future site.  ResErections will collaborate on the disassembly methods, and integrate LIDAR, RFID, and other digital information into AutoCAD and BIM software systems.


The Greenest Building is One Already Built   "Preservation saves energy by taking advantage of the nonrecoverable energy embodied in an existing building and extending its use."  Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. With state of the art engineering and reconstruction, the recycled building will qualify for a USGBC LEED Gold or Platinum rating.



Gregory P. Luth, Ph.D., S.E., SECB ... GPLA Structural Engineers & Builders. "ResErections rescues 19th and early 20th century stone mansions using modern laser scanning and BIM technologies to facilitate deconstruction and reconstruction, moving these magnificent edifices out of now-decrepit surroundings to sites where their grandeur is an asset. 


ResErections utilizes creative destruction to save some of our doomed historical architectural heritage, fostering a rebirth of craftsmanship and mobilizing demand to create a new market.  If one were to design one of these houses from scratch, the wonderful stone would be unavailable or cost prohibitive.


With HD BIM processes, combined with laser scanning, deconstruction and logistics, these structures can be rebuilt with precision anywhere in the country, including in high seismic areas.  Technologies such as base isolation and fused shock absorbers make these virtually earthquake proof, able to survive great earthquakes with minor structural damage. 


But that isn’t the best part.  Using modern gravity structures, we can replace the interior bearing wall and wood floors with long spans that would enable modern open floor plans inside the classic stone façade."



ResErections is a pioneering 14 year old - innovative business linking independent local architecture, engineering, and construction businesses with similar firms in other localities nationwide.  We move houses from Ohio to Texas or New York to Pennsylvania.  Every project is new - from and to different towns with different professionals at each end.    Architecture firms in the source city know their design/construction/permit/taxation et al structures, as do the architecture firms employed by the new building's owner at the destination site.  We build the supply chain that make this work for each house. ResErections creates contracts, documentation, coordination, payment, marketing, transportation, legal, insurance.  At both ends, local firms handle local building departments, commercial  relationships, and municipal entities to assure that the new owner's property is professionally built.


ResErections will not tie the buyer's reconstruction efforts to  bureaucratic qualifications for government tax credits or require the employment of certified historic craftsmen and archivists or seek protective covenants and finicky rehabilitation agreements ensuring that the buildings will be protected from changes. We do not offer cultural resource management, historic preservation planning, historical research, litigation encouragement and support, and academic grantsmanship.   We will not solicit government - taxpayer - dollars to do the work.   You Buy It ... We DisAssemble it ... You ReBuild It ... You Own It.

Work done on these structures will meet the highest architectural and engineering standards of disassembly and reconstruction.  We insist that the work product will be superlative.  It won't be done with government - and taxpayer - money ... although a lot of permits, filings, millions in taxes and fees will be paid to government by the owners and doers.


The projects are expensive because they are large, complex, and deal with big structures that are massive heavy stone buildings with the mission of accurate reconstruction.  Our daily production management role is to run a Private Internet Cloud Network for real time information and communication from the desktop to the smart phone, and to physically move the house's material and its crucial documentation, often 800 to 1,200 tons and 20 truck loads for a few months.  We specialize in the documentation, packaging, and safe shipping of the hundreds of pallets of thousands of pieces from source to a destination a thousand miles away.


We are aware of no other businesses with an inventory of fine mansions and internet based access to a worldwide market that exists for magnificent endangered historic architecture.  We maintain an active web site, and publish a monthly email newsletter to thousands of architects, engineers, designers, and realtors.

We are only interested in completely moving majestic buildings.  Buildings whose value will increase 10-20 times by relocation to suitable vibrant communities.  We create a great deal for the buyers, the sellers, the doers, and the public.  

It costs several million to move a mansion.  The original owner cashes out of a problem property.  The new owner's investment is immediately rewarded with a real estate property worth more than the money spent, so the actual cost is zero, and the short term ROI often exceeds 100%.  Turning American paper wealth into real estate wealth and putting American craftsmen to work.

The original building has to have been a largely stone mansion in the 19th century to be worth moving.  We disassemble and deliver a house for between $ 200 and $ 300 per sqft.  High end reconstruction with architects and top construction firms often build ultra houses between $ 700 and $ 1,500 per sqft.  We deliver all of the material to reconstruct the original building, so the expenditures on the reconstructed house are for interior, high end features, extra additions, and the site.   This means that buyers could easily spend $ 500 and more per sqft to reconstruct and still be less expensive than a modern McMansion. 


We bring professional architectural and engineering professionals together to deliver to the buyer a modern authentic reincarnation of beautiful historic American castles.  We gather together trained, experienced people with expertise and passion for saving these magnificent structures.  Prices suggested for each castle are the expected costs for documentation, disassembling, shipping, and supporting reconstruction by the buyer's professionals.   Firms involved will participate in the selection of modes of work, subcontractors, and analysis of the ultimate costs of the project.  With the exception of the cost of the new site itself, we would expect the reconstructed cost of the building to be less than twice the cost of delivering the components to the buyer's site, so the reconstructed cost of this mansion should be between $ 4 and $ 5 million.


There are several Gilded Age mansions for private sale and relocation.  Four Romanesque, two Queen Anne, a Georgian Revival, and an English Tudor.   Prices have not been pre-determined but will be in the area of $ 2 million.  Interested parties contact us for information.



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