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Magnificent Church is Available to ReLocate


First Christian Church -- 25,000 sqft

Estimated Delivered Price   $ 5,500,000

 A beautiful structure.  Constructed in America's Gilded Age on 'Millionaires Row' of a major midwest city, this church was constructed of the finest materials, fine white limestone, awesome stained glass windows, and furnishings of the highest quality supported by the wealthiest communities in the state.

Several aspects of these projects change as the scale of the work is in flux.  Local engineering and contracting expertise will be required to determine the practical economics of relocating these churches.  We remain sure that the economics will be a desirable alternative to new construction.  Prices quoted below are intended to indicate the scale of the work.  With careful engineering, the actual cost could be much less.



Here is an overhead view of the building.




This church would be appropriate to move.  It is surrounded by the distribution core of a multi-state truck, rail, and interstate system in a major midwestern city.  Residential communities are blocked from easy access and there are no people living close enough to make the church a community center.  Many efforts have failed to successfully use the structure for schools, day care centers, drug treatment programs, and other social services.   The church is now boarded up as property owners evaluate alternatives.  The site would be much more valuable serving the distribution center needs of the city and state. 







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