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ResErections, Inc. documents, markets and disassembles architecturally unique 19th century stone buildings that can be reconstructed on sites where the investment results in the creation of new real estate wealth.  Buyers save an endangered  magnificent structure from demolition - and create new historic architectural art.


Elsinaes is an Atlantic Ocean  Beachfront summer house and greenhouse located in Manchester by the Sea, Mass.  This 1,500 sqft Rockport granite structure was built in the earlly 1900's on the estate of Alice Forbes Perkins Hooper, daughter of Charles Elliot Perkins, founder of the Burlington Railroad, and Edith Forbes Perkins, whose family made its fortune in the Chinese and opium trade. She characterised it as "the garden house of memories and dreams"



$ 450,000 + Freight

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Perkins   WmHooper   Hooper  Elsinaes Salon

Charles Perkins, William Hooper, Alice Hooper, Alice at a Gilded Age Salon


The stone Tea and Garden house was built around 1910 of fine Rockport granite. 


Called “Elsineas,” the tea house was built to entertain, situated in the substantial estate garden of Mr. and Mrs. William Hooper, who lived there from about 1900. And entertain it did. William Hooper was a Harvard classmate and close friend of Theodore Roosevelt, and entertained accordingly.  Besides Roosevelt, visitors of the estate included Ellery Sedgwick, editor of the Atlantic Monthly; JP Morgan, the financier; President William Taft; Charles Francis Adams, Secretary of the Navy under President Coolidge; William Phillips ambassador in Italy; historian Frederick Jackson Turner; novelist Owen Wister; archaeologist Thomas Whittemore; and Isabella Stewart Gardner.  Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes was another friend and frequent guest. Gertrude Bell, the noted English traveler and geographer once remarked that “Elsie’s house,” was, “the only salon in Massachusetts.”


Passing within the family, including William Youngman, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts,  the "Gold Coast" estate was given to the Landmark School in 1972.


In the 50 years since, the building has deteriorated. It is endangered and must be removed. Maintenance of the structure is prohibitive. The building metal components holding the roof and greenhouse glass have rusted with 100 years of ice and salt water.  The stone and slate is in excellent shape.   Basically a simple structure, it will be easy to design, rebuild, and enhance.  It will have to sustain greenhouse conditions and comfort in harsh weather. 



Elsinaes   Elsinaes

Sitting Room ... 600 sqft


Elsinaes   Elsinaes

Greenhouse ... 340 sqft


Imagine it rebuilt ...  Art glass and granite oceanfront greenhouse and tea room with air conditioning, specialized temperature controls for the greenhouse, the 600 sqft fireplace room, quality lighting, art glass windows, and modern kitchen and facilities. In 1910, when it was constructed, all of the walls were a double thickness of white Rockport Granite.  Modern engineering will not need to use the inner layer of stone to reconstruct, meaning that this 1,500 sqft beachfront tea/greenhouse could be redesigned as a 3,000 sqft granite structure.



Tea Room Floor ... Bluestone and Marble


Drone Flight Video 

This beautiful drone video prepared by Junyong Pak of BeverlyDronePilot.com of Beverly, MA.


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Laser scanning provides a new approach to disassembly and reconstruction of endangered stone buildings. Reconstruction of the stone façade requires precision measurement and individual stone imagery to place each stone in its original position, resulting in precise duplication of the original structure.   Because all of the data is digital, buildings can be redesigned in leading architectural software … BIM, HD-BIM, Revit, et al.


Below are three of the 27 laser scans of the structure.   Prepared by John Smits of East Coast Metrology of Topsfield, MA.


Laser scanners are capable of astonishing accuracy and detail.  Every scan measures millions of points and each point knows its precise XYZ position. Collectively, these points constitute a three dimensional "point cloud" that can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in CAD and BIM applications.  A point cloud is a dimensionally-correct, digital copy of the building itself.




    Elsinaes   Elsinaes




Laser Scanning is accurate to within 1/7th of an inch.  Each Rockport granite stone is 9"x 5"x 5", weighing 23 pounds.  The 3,100 sqft of walls are two stones thick, so the 19,000+ stones in the building weigh roughly 460,000 pounds, or 230 tons, and will take 10 flatbed truckloads to deliver to the new site.


ResErections, Inc. specializes in documenting, marketing and disassembling architecturally unique 19th century stone buildings that can be reconstructed on sites where the investment results in the creation of new real estate wealth.  Buyers save an endangered  magnificent structure from demolition - and create new architectural art.


ResErections collaborates with local architects and tradesmen at both the source and destination of the buildings. We do not rebuild because we have no control over what the new owner and architect want to do. We build the supply chain between the seller and the buyer of reputable professional firms. We document the structure, supervise on-site work standards, disassemble, package, and ship the recovered components. We recover everything that will not crumble when touched.



We have several Gilded Age mansions for private sale and relocation.  Two Romanesque, a Victorian, a Queen Anne, a Georgian Revival, an English Tudor, and 4 pre-revolution Colonials.  






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