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Historic Mansions to ReLocate


ResErections, Inc. specializes in documenting, marketing and disassembling architecturally unique 19th century stone mansions that can be reconstructed on sites where the investment results in the creation of new real estate wealth.  Buyers save an endangered  magnificent mansion from demolition - and create a marvelous new residence.




DisAssembly of the Kemper Castle (1885)  


Recent developments in Laser Imaging and Measurement and AutoCad and BIM - (building information modeling) architectural software and RFID item tagging (radio frequency identification) has made the difficult task of disassembly, relocation, and accurate reconstruction of buildings practical.  We know how to keep track of the thousands of pieces in a fashion that allows their restoration in their original position with precision, and how to remove, package, transport, and deliver each at the time reinstalled.


ResErections collaborates with local architects and tradesmen at both the source and destination of the buildings. We do not rebuild because we have no control over what the new owner and architect want to do. We build the supply chain between the seller and the buyer of reputable professional firms. We document the structure, supervise on-site work standards, and package and ship the recovered components. We are experts in material handling and logistics. We recover everything that will not crumble when touched.


We are only interested in completely moving majestic buildings.  Buildings whose value will increase 20-40 times by relocation to suitable vibrant communities.  We create a great deal for the buyers, the sellers, the doers, and the public, turning American wealth into Americans at work.





ResErections has several mansions and two magnificent churches.


Currently, we are offering several magnificent stone mansions .. all from the "Gilded Age" - 1870-1910.   Three impressive Richardson Romanesques, a beautiful Victorian Queen Anne, a New York Cotswold, and a Beaux Arts Bank, designed by nationally famous architects of the age and built for leading entrepreneurs. 



These homes can be carefully disassembled, preserving key components, the interior framing, exterior stone facades, roof slates and any other recoverable materials and shipped to your site anywhere in the world.




Richardson Romanesque I - 1890                                     Victorian - 1886            

             James McLaughlin  $  2,950,000                             Samuel Hannaford   $ 2,950,000        



Richardson Romanesque III - 1888            Richardson Romanesque IV -  1883 

Samuel Hannaford  $  2,720,000              James McLaughlin $  2,450,000

        1903 Beaux Arts Bank  $ 4,450,000                       New York Cotswold  1870   $ 2,150,000



 Sawyer House  1843  $ 800,000                            Tennessee Log Inn ... 1873   $385,000                       

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Prices are only a fraction of Value ... Value is a function of Location.


Location ... Location ... Re-Location !!


These magnificent homes were built by noted architects with the finest materials and craftsmanship that only the ultra wealthy could afford in the days before income taxes.  Natural hand cut stone of the highest quality.  Timbers of hardwoods and pines that today would be sold by the pound as too valuable for any use but veneer.  Interior furnishings that reflect the refined tastes of the era.  Many have magnificent fireplaces, and interior wooden trim.


Each of these houses were built for successful entrepreneurs and merchants by famed architects of the late 19th century.  Each house has a history and reflects the wealth of their creators.


The Architects



  James W. McLaughlin                    Samuel Hannaford


James W. McLaughlin (1834-1923) was one of the most important American architects of the nineteenth century. McLaughlin dominated Midwest architectural scene until the turn of the century giving definitive form to numerous cultural and public institutions during this highpoint of prosperity, creativity, and influence. McLaughlin had a distinctive stylistic personality, and was innovative structurally and functionally.  His best and most characteristic surviving works are his version of the Richardson Romanesque style.


Samuel Hannaford (1835-1911) is one of the most admired architects of the late 19th century. His reputation has endured along with his buildings.  His European influenced designa are often referred to as Richardson Romanesque. Hannaford designed over 300 buildings in the Midwest region. His homes extend from New England to the Midwest and the South.



Hannaford and McLaughlin with group of gilded age Architecture Association


These houses were built before the automobile, and are located near the urban heart of older American cities.  Suburbanization after WWII left these masterpieces behind, and their neighborhoods declined.  That is the case with the properties above, located in unsafe neighborhoods that have a preponderance of disadvantaged urban housing.  In many cases, the removal of the house would allow the land they occupy to be put to a higher end use.  The problem of these houses is that they are where they are, and not where rational economic people would spend the resources to save them.


We love these old houses, and wouldn’t touch a house that is a grace to its surroundings.  We are looking for great old STONE houses (we cannot save brick or wooden buildings.) that are located in unfortunate inner city type environments or are in the way for communities that need the site for  public and private purposes.  There are many neglected architectural beauties that meet this description facing demolition.  We save them in a new location.  We are not interested in renovating buildings on their original sites, but specialize in moving endangered stone mansions to new sites. 




Completed Disassembly and Shipping ... ResErected !!




      In Ohio                                              Rebuilt In Texas



             In Ohio                                     ReLocate Anywhere 


               In Ohio                                    Reconstructed in Ohio 



The 1885 Queen Anne has been reconstructed near Austin.  The 1904 Church has been disassembled and is in inventory ready for shipment.  Reconstruction of the 1830 American Folk completed - Fall, 2018.




Recent developments in Laser Imaging and Measurement and AutoCad and BIM - (building information modeling) architectural software and RFID item tagging (radio frequency identification) has made the difficult task of disassembly, relocation, and accurate reconstruction of buildings practical.


Relocating each of these houses will create 30 man years of American work at the origin site, in the supply chain, and in redesign and reconstruction.


Moving these houses is expensive, involving several professions and crafts.  Reserections manages the entire process of disassembling and shipping these architecturally valuable residences and employs a wide range of experienced contractors and other experts to document, disassemble, and transport them.


Purchaser is responsible for design and construction activities after delivery of the house components to destination. It is recommended that the purchaser engage the services of a local architect and construction firm to reconstruct the house. There will be substantial work for the buyer's architects at both the current location and future site.  ResErections will collaborate on the disassembly methods, and integrate LIDAR, RFID, and other digital information into AutoCAD and BIM software systems.


The Greenest Building is One Already Built   "Preservation saves energy by taking advantage of the nonrecoverable energy embodied in an existing building and extending the use of it"  Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. With state of the art engineering and reconstruction, the recycled building will qualify for a USGBC LEED Gold or Platinum rating.


Question:  If I connect you with a buyer, will you pay a commission ?


Answer:  Yes, ResErections will pay non-owner individuals who connect us with a buyer a finders fee of $ 50,000 upon closing.  An additional $ 25,000 fee would be paid to non-owner individuals that identify additional endangered houses that we market and provide local support services such as photography and current owner connections.  You must contact us to establish your role as an initiator source.  A Confidentiality Agreement will be necessary. 


Question:  Will the reconstructed building qualify for Federal and State Tax Credits ?


Answer:  No.  Moved mansions will not qualify for tax benefits or listing on the National Register of Historic Homes.  Federal and State Governments offer 20% Tax Exemptions for substantial renovations to existing historic structures on their present sites. Projects must meet strict requirements and the building must be used in an income producing purpose for 5 years.  Owner occupied residential properties do not qualify.  In usual cases, the savings from the Tax Exemptions are outweighed by the cost of paying for professional assistance meeting Federal, State, Local, and concerned citizen's requirements.   It is commendable that our government encourages and supports conservation of our architectural heritage by defraying the costs involved in doing the work with preservation and trades experts.  The goal is renovation on-site and gentrification if possible.  But there are many urban building situations where keeping the building in the wrong place is a waste of taxpayer money.


In America, preservation and restoration is a very profitable billion dollar industry.  Maintenance of public and historic structures is a high art, with many professional practitioners.  There is no shortage of work to do, and the majority of the work is paid for institutionally, by government, taxpayers, or other cultural organizations.   It is by no means a non-profit business.  Professional preservationists have an obligation to selectively and responsibly put limited talents and money where the best of heritage is preserved rather than telling others what their limited resources and public tax money should be spent on.  Revenue motivated advocates often whip up well meaning public hysteria and rely on legal obstructionism to preserve old structures under the guise of "non-profit" - but salary paying organizations.  Good solutions to reclaiming and using historic structures are criticized as not good enough, resulting in decay and loss, and worthy structures are demolished because enough money could not be found to do a better thing.  Many structures are located in areas where it is impractical to renovate on site.  Moving endangered structures is a often a far better result than scavenging for individual components and demolition.


ResErections will not tie the buyer's reconstruction efforts to  bureaucratic qualifications for government tax credits or require employment of certified historic craftsmen and archivists or seek protective covenants and finicky rehabilitation agreements insuring that the buildings will be protected from changes. We do not offer cultural resource management, historic preservation planning, historical research, litigation encouragement and support, and academic grantsmanship.   We will not solicit government - taxpayer - dollars to do the work.   You Buy It ... We DisAssemble it ... You ReBuild It ... You Own It.


Work done on these structures will meet the highest architectural and engineering standards of disassembly and reconstruction.  We insist that the work product will be superlative.  It just won't be done with government - taxpayer - money ... although a lot of permits, filings, millions in taxes, and so forth will be paid to government by the owners and doers.


ResErections is a pioneering ten year old - new kind of business linking independent local architecture, engineering, and construction businesses with similar firms in other localities nationwide.  We move houses from Ohio to Texas or New York to Pennsylvania.  Every project is new - from and to different towns with different professionals at each end.    Architecture firms in the source city know their design/construction/permit/taxation et al structures, as do the architecture firms employed by the new building's owner at the destination site.  We build the supply chain that make this work for each house. ResErections creates the contracts, documentation, coordination, payment, marketing, transportation, legal, insurance.  At both ends, local firms handle local commercial  relationships and municipal entities to assure that the new owner's property is professionally built.


The projects are expensive because they are large, complex, and deal with big structures that are massive heavy stone buildings with the mission of accurate reconstruction.  Our daily production management role is to run a Private Internet Cloud Network for real time information and communication from the desktop to the smart phone, and to physically move the house's material and its crucial documentation, often 800 to 1,200 tons and 20-40 truck loads over a period of months.  We specialize in the documentation, packaging, and safe shipping of the hundreds of pallets of thousands of pieces from source to a destination a thousand miles away.


We are aware of no other businesses with an inventory of fine mansions and internet based access to a worldwide market that exists for magnificent endangered historic architecture.  We maintain an active web site, and publish a monthly email newsletter to thousands of architects, engineers, designers, and realtors.


We are only interested in completely moving majestic buildings.  Buildings whose value will increase 20-40 times by relocation to suitable vibrant communities.  We create a great deal for the buyers, the sellers, the doers, and the public.  


It costs several million to move a mansion.  The original owner cashes out of a problem property.  The new owner's investment is immediately rewarded with a real estate property worth more than the money spent, so the actual cost is zero, and the short term ROI often exceeds 100%.  Turning American paper wealth into real estate wealth and Americans at work.


The original building has to have been a largely stone mansion in the 19th century to be worth moving.   We disassemble and deliver a house for between $ 300 and $ 400 per sqft.  High end reconstruction with architects and top construction firms often build ultra houses between $ 700 and $ 1,500 per sqft.  We deliver all of the material to reconstruct the original building, so the expenditures on the reconstructed house are for interior, high end features, extra additions, and the site.   This means that buyers could easily spend $ 400 and more per sqft to reconstruct and still be less expensive than a modern McMansion. 

We bring professional architectural and engineering professionals togerther to deliver to the buyer a modern authentic reincarnation of beautiful historic American castles.  We gather together trained, experienced people with expertise and passion for saving these magnificent structures.  Prices suggested for each castle are the expected costs for documentation, disassembling, shipping, and supporting reconstruction by the buyer's professionals.   Firms involved will participate in the selection of modes of work, subcontractors, and analysis of the ultimate costs of the project.  With the exception of the cost of the new site itself, we would expect the reconstructed cost of the building to be less than twice the cost of delivering the components to the buyer's site, so the reconstructed cost of these mansions should be between $ 5 and $ 6 million.

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      Reserections will conduct searches and provide services.





Specific information on the location, ownership, and other details related to the houses offered by ResErections, Inc., will be disclosed with a signed Non-Disclosure agreement protecting confidential information. 


There are several Gilded Age mansions for private sale and relocation.  Four Romanesque, two Queen Anne, a Georgian Revival, and an English Tudor.   Prices have not been pre-determined but will be in the area of $ 2-4 million.  Interested parties contact us for information.













  A Flaming Start
How ResErections got into this business ...



These videos show our work on the Middletown Church, focused on laser scanning, and the work of disassembling massive stone buildings.


            Daily Work    Disassembly and documentation.

            Quick Video of Church Disassembly

                Make this place your Home    Project scope

                Laser Image FlyThrough   Laser Scan by 3D Engineering Solutions

  Guernsey County American Folk   Drone GoPro Time Lapse Dissassembly




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